This informal expression means extremely disappointed or very upset. It’s fair to say I was gutted this morning when I went down the garden to feed the chickens. There were feathers all over the place….. my heart sank and soon my fears were confirmed. Mrs White – my favourite chicken, killed in a night time brawl with an unknown predator. Not the best start to this Mayday bank holiday – a small funeral has been held – just the two mourners (husband and I) in attendance while Mrs Grey clucked disconsolately from behind the wire. At around 8 years old Whitey was a “tough old bird” if you’ll pardon the pun, but last night she “met her match”. A strange and happy coincidence perhaps that only 2 days ago she was among the first video ‘stars’ of this blog! 😉 RIP Mrs White, thanks for all the eggs!

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