What impact will the Corona Crisis have on our mobility and transport? Will we soon be saying a permanent goodbye to traffic jams and smog?

Apparently when the shops reopened last week there was 42% less traffic in Brussels than before the lockdown. Does this herald the start of a cleaner and less stressful environment or will things quickly return to the “old normal?” Having just won the “European Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award”, Brussels is planning to reduce the use of cars by 24% by 2030 and to increase bicycle riding fourfold or by 400%! What impact has the lockdown had on your commute (journey to work) or transportation needs? I was previously doing around 2,000 km per month by car. That has been reduced to next to nothing (almost nothing) now. How will my mobility evolve as I return to my role or reposition myself in the post lockdown “new world order”? Here are a couple of links to articles to inspire your debate or writing.

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