Over the moon….

Today I was over the moon (= delighted/extremely happy) when a couple of my clients informed me that they would like to switch back from video conferencing lessons to face to face sessions at their premises from mid June. Great news as we head into the long weekend! It must be said however, I’m enjoying giving remote lessons and having the opportunity to work on new ideas from my home office. I’ll certainly be continuing to teach and consult online, so don’t worry if you prefer to continue working or even to start working with me remotely.

Meanwhile, it seems to be after 5pm on a sunny Friday at the start of a long weekend……. that can only mean one thing can’t it…? Time to head to the pub… Whoops sorry, getting carried away here – to the garden I should say. Never mind, either way it’s ‘Wine o’clock’….. cheers folks, have a good one!

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