Writing recommendations and balancing arguments

As part of their practise in writing reports and making recommendations one of my students wrote the following set of recommendations independently. I was delighted with it. The student showed off their knowledge in many areas that we have focused on. These include linking words and expressions to balance arguments and assist coherence, adverbs for adding nuance and variety at the beginning of sentences and imperatives for making recommendations. During our class it received only a very slight tweaking. Below you will find the task and the response.

Write a set of recommendations to parents to protect their children online.

As a parent, you have to learn what is out there and how the system works on the Internet.

Discuss online security with children, by starting to explain the importance of keeping information private and to keep themselves and their family safe.

Similarly, explaining the risks and making them face reality will be beneficial.

Keep in mind, that being overly pushy and restrictive can make them want to disobey you.

However, due to the number of suicides, it is important to monitor the online activity of your children to make sure they are not straying into areas that could put them at risk

Creating guidelines in order to establish a set of rules to follow while online will help to protect them. By contrast, if you allow them to go on every website, you will not be able to protect them.

Furthermore, you should teach them to use strong passwords and multi authentication. This will limit the risk of stolenaccounts and thus of personal data leakage.

As a result of my observations and research, I believe that communication and education is the key to avoid the risks. Educated and warned kids will be more secure on the web.   

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