Accelerating “The Climate Project”. ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way….’

Where there’s a will there’s a way means if you want it badly enough, it’s possible. It seems there’s a way to overachieve on Europe’s carbon-neutrality goals if we want it badly enough. At least according to this article from the interesting site “Social Europe”. To help you I’ve listed some buzzwords from the text. You can also strengthen your vocabulary by doing the synonym exercise. Work on the synonyms after reading the text. That way you will have seen the vocabulary in context and it will be easier.

Buzzwords Relating to Project “Climate Control”

Fossil fuels = catch-all term for traditional non-renewable fuels extracted from the ground.

Subsidy = financial payment given by the state or an employer to contribute towards the cost of a something

Carbon-neutrality = a net zero carbon footprint (removing as much carbon from environment as putting into it)

Renewables = sustainable energy sources: solar and wind etc

Grid = the infrastructure or network for delivering electricity and gas to customers

Bailouts = rescue packages, financial aid

Stimulus packages = set of economic measures from government to increase spending or investment in a particular area

Backdoor use of = unauthorised, unofficial use of something to avoid obstacles or rules

Try to find synonyms for these expressions or words that FIT in the text/can be substituted in the text.

NB Although you may understand the word/expression it stretches your active vocabulary to try to find other words that can be used in the same context (ideally without a dictionary the first time around of course). Pay attention to finding the right nuance.

To will something =

As opposed to =

To phase out =

To clip the wings of =

Holding a mirror up to =

Resilient =

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