It defeats the object…

An advanced level student, whose objective is to improve his listening skills, told me that he has French subtitles on when he watches an English film or series. I had to politely point out that this was completely defeating the object = (it has the opposite effect of what you want). He told me that if he doesn’t use subtitles then he misses parts and it’s not so enjoyable. It’s true you will miss some of what is said but as you get used to hearing the fast native speech, you will miss less and less. It’s really essential to bite the bullet = (take the pain) in order to progress. I know this from my own efforts to improve my Dutch. You will soon be hearing all sorts of new expressions and nuances in the language which would otherwise be missed because you were too busy reading subtitles. Another important point to remember; there are no subtitles in your business meetings, lunches or trips to the pub! There will be plenty of new drama series starting on telly (TV) this autumn season to get you practising. Below you’ll find a couple of links for inspiration.

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