Read in the target language – “kill two birds with one stone” = achieve two objectives through the same action.

In connection with my goal of achieving C1/advanced level Dutch certification, I decided to try reading my first ‘proper’ book in Dutch. By ‘proper’ I mean not adapted for non-native readers and not a children’s book! A friend had recently recommended “King Leopold’s Ghost” by Adam Hochschild and so I decided to “kill two birds with one stone”; learn some more about the colonial era and immerse myself in Dutch at the same time.

Reading about something that interests you is surely one of the best and pleasurable ways to improve your language skills, don’t you agree? Although the content of my book can hardly be described as pleasurable, it’s certainly a very well written and captivating read…. (er well, I believe so… hopefully I’m understanding the majority of it correctly)! I certainly can’t understand it all, however that’s not necessary in order to benefit from what you read. Small tip from the ‘Department of the bleedin’ obvious’; get it in English or you’ll be defeating your object!

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