He must have been using his initiative to avoid even more trouble….

What could the police officer have been thinking of wearing a MAGA (make America great again) cap?! My conclusion or deduction is as above but the video below gives us the opportunity for some discussion during our lessons and also to practise an area of grammar which often causes confusion for students; “modals of deduction”. Below you’ll find a link to a mini-lesson on this subject as well as the video from the attacks on “the Capitol” or Congress which features the police officer.

During the riots at the US Capitol, Lieutenant Tarik Johnson was spotted donning a Make America Great Again hat and coordinating with Trump supporters. But newly surfaced video suggests it may have been a ploy to help a group of his fellow officers who were surrounded by the mob.
We spoke with an eyewitness about what happened, and asked a former detective to analyse the officer’s actions.
The officer, who has been suspended, has yet to speak publicly about the incident. Capitol Police told the BBC it is investigating the behaviour of its officers during the riots. (Text souce BBC website
A well-explained and comprehensive lesson

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