The 5 Ps: Just one of the handy expressions that has stuck with me…

since my days at Apex Computer Recruitment London.. and that’s a few moons ago to say the least! 😉

Anyway the 5 Ps; “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-poor Performance”! And so, I “always” prepare my lessons “thoroughly“. NB The position of the adverbs “always” and “thoroughly“. I have noticed that a lot of non-native English speakers make mistakes concerning the position of adverbs and indeed there are quite a lot of rules to remember.

Anyway, I found this rather nice lesson on the “espressoenglish” site. It contains some useful and well-structured guidelines. A word of advice; if I were you I would stop after 5mins and 38 if you watch the video or after the “adverbs of time and frequency” if you are reading on the website. The reasons being; I wouldn’t personally teach or consider the rest as adverbs and crucially, I don’t hear the same kind of mistakes – that is positional mistakes, with these words.

Position of Adverbs in English Sentences

Nice lesson from espressoenglish, best up to 5mins and 38

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