Raising the bar..

The Economist used the title above – (also a “pun” or play on words) for its recent article concerning the reopening of UK pubs or at least pub gardens and to highlight that pubs might need to keep raising standards or at least reinventing themselves to stay relevant in the post lockdown world. Over here in Belgium excitement was close to fever-pitch last month as the grand reopening of the “terraces” approached – that’s Belgian for a “pub garden” by the way. As a Brit, all this talk of “terraces” and “doing a terrace” – makes me giggle inwardly. You see to me it conjures up images of football terraces and hooligans – (yes, I was a teenager in the 80’s) – or at least of fervent fans swilling or spilling bad beer, doling out or avoiding punches or even simply watching the beautiful game. Anyway I digress.. if digression is possible from a random observation or musing…

The grand reopening of terraces or pub gardens has been something of a “damp squid” I fear and if any bar needs to be raised, it is certainly that of the weather! These last couple of weeks rays of sunlight have been in short supply, showers and wind have been interspersed with thunder and lightning and the Beaufort scale has been tipped higher and higher.. cumon weather get a grip, will you?! Anyway, as we can see from the video below, it’s not only in Belgium where people’s terrace style is being severely cramped and as the lass in the clip reminds us and as other sensible souls have said, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothes”! So there you go, wrap up, get out there and support your local (pub). Cheers!

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