Having left North London a number of years ago, I’m now a Brit abroad – in the quirky and often charming Kingdom of Belgium (as it’s officially known). Leaving behind the world of sales and recruitment, I’m now a freelance teacher of English, living in the rural surrounds of Leuven with my husband, 3 cats and 2 chickens. I’ve set up this blog with the aim of taking you with me on a journey into the English language, for entertainment and enhancement of our communication skills together. And…. to be perfectly honest, simply because I fancied trying my hand at blogging! During my teaching practice – predominantly inside companies, I’ve noticed a demand for but lack of focus on improvement of learners’ writing skills and I intend to go some way in addressing that. Clearly the spoken word will not be left out. If you can’t speak it or at least imagine it like a native speaker, you obviously can’t write it down! That said I reckon we have plenty of scope for exploring many aspects of communication, for digressing where desirable and delighting in random observations. I do hope that you’ll find something in theses pages to tickle your fancy whilst simultaneously helping keep me in tune with your interests and questions through the comments sections. In plain English; please ask questions, make requests and join in!